On A Mission (Album CD)


The album “On A Mission” convinces by unleashing a great amount of power while it holds some surprises regarding its very unique lineup, featuring MANOWAR co-founder Ross the Boss (guitarist from Battle Hymns to Kings of Metal, 1980 – 1988) and former ICED EARTH members John Greely and Raphael Saini as well as other guests.

ℹ️  This is not a product of a full band lineup, it’s recorded with multiple guests. It’s a hybrid of band and solo project.

Year: 2019

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Album Compact Disc Jewel Case version, original print.


  1. Alliance (feat. Ross the Boss) 8:16
  2. Fort Sumter 3:42
  3. Die In A Hole 5:09
  4. Curse of Genevieve (reworked) 6:01
  5. Future Secret 6:55
  6. Operation Focus 4:54
  7. The Warning (Until Blood Boils, Pt.I) 2:14
  8. The Revenge (Until Blood Boils, Pt.II) 3:22
  9. Day of Collapse 5:17


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